Day of the Dead in San Antonio

30 October 08
Day of the Dead Vigin

I am really excited about the event in La Villita, this Sunday, November 2nd. I live in a small town, the population is under 5000 and currently we are literally a 1 stop light town, so I truly enjoy getting to a larger city like San Antonio. The culture, the food, the sites and the history of the town is remarkable and enticing.

This will the third year that we have released our newer works in San Antonio and the town has always been really receptive and kind to me. Patty at La Villita, is incredible in her help and encouragement. We have been invited to take part in other events, but she is the only who ever suggested that we should be the main attraction. She worked hard to get people to our events and her hard work paid off. We get more people each year but it is always a treat to see faces we know as well. We get kids and older folk alike, all with their own ideas and traditions for the Day of the Dead.

While this holiday began as an Aztec holiday, and later included many Christian elements, I believe that it has grown today to be a celebration that is all inclusive. People of all backgrounds and religions can find something in common both in the sadness of the losses we all suffer and in the joys of memories that we all carry with us. San Antonio has been great to me and I enjoy the chance to visit as often as possible.

Come take part in the celebration. I look forward to seeing you there.

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