What does that mean?

19 December 05
Aztec Symbol - Drop of Water into the Lake

Another edition of “What does that mean?”

As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, people ask me questions about the meaning behind my day of the dead art. Among them was a question about one of the symbols I use on a lot of the glassware. It looks like a bullseye surrounded by tiny dots. This is my rendition of an ancient aztec symbol – although it is found in many other cultures as well.

The symbol signifies a drop of water into the lake. It is meant to show that every action reverberates endlessly from us and affects others in (often unpredictable) ways whether we are aware of it or not. The timy dots around the “ripples” signify those affected by the action; who then in turn become the center-point for their own actions to ripple out.

I use this on the glassware and on some of the prints as well. To me it shows that death, obviously, affects us all, and the way we react to it – reverberates through all we come into contact with – and those who come into contact with them – and so on and so forth.

You get the idea.

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