Frida - About my Tribute to artist Frida Kahlo

4 December 13
Day of the Dead Frida

This is my Dia de los Muertos tribute to Frida Kahlo. She has long been a favorite artist of my parents, I remember seeing her artwork as a child and wondering why she pictured herself the way she did. She never did any touch ups on her visage. She was truthful in a surreal way.

Many years later I read up on Frida Kahlo and began to understand that her entire life was lived in pain and yet this did not hinder her ability to create. It is my belief that Frida placed herself in many of her works because her art is as much about the artist as it is about her vision of the world. It reflected her pain (both physical and emotional) and her struggle. It proved to the world and perhaps most importantly to herself, her ability to not only survive, but to thrive regardless of her circumstances.

To myself, and artists everywhere she is an inspiration.

You can find my “Frida” and all my Day of the Dead art at .

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New Day of the Dead Glass Tiles

18 October 13
Day of the Dead Gay Wedding Glass Tile

Brand new 4.25 inch glass tiles are laser etched with my original Day of the Dead artwork. This one features LOS NOVIOS (the grooms). A gay wedding for two skeleton grooms. They are surrounded by a border of flowers. Available in blue, red, aqua and black.

Each tile comes with the phrase Happily Ever After. But for a small charge you can have yours personalized with the names of the couple, first names only, and the year, or your own personal quote of phrase instead of the included text.

Each tile comes with a black wooden stand.

Available for gay, lesbian and straight wedding couples. Other designs also available. Check them out at here.

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Allow Happiness In - a posting from Gay of the Dead

9 October 13
Day of the Dead Diver - Skeleton Diver
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La Sirena - About my Day of the Dead Art

8 October 13
Day of the Dead Mermaid

There is a game in Mexico called Loteria. It is bingo with pictures instead of numbers. Different icons and representation of people and objects, one of which, was a mermaid.

I remember playing this game with my family, sitting around the kitchen table. And while the mermaid in the game is more fleshy than my rendition of her, if you find the game you can see the resemblance.

For me the mermaid has always been a representation of mythic places and persons. Not necessarily something unreal, but something unknown. When shown in her full skeletal form, she shows that death, while also unknown to those of us living, is not unreal and whatever stories or concepts we have of death, we must realize that we are part of the story.

You can find La Sirena and all my other Day of the Dead Art at .

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2014 Day of the Dead Calendars are IN!

8 October 13
2014 Day of the Dead Calendar

My brand new 2014 Day of the Dead calendar is on the website and ready to ship! As with all the previous calendars this one begins in November to celebrate the Day of the Dead and goes through all of 2014. So you get a full year plus a little extra.

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