Dia De Los Muertos Lesson Plan 1

10 November 05

The purpose:

to show children how the lives of people can be celebrated by remembering the lives of people that have died. To give them a connection to relatives or others they may no longer have with them and to mention death without fear.

What you’ll need:

  1. a box of tooth picks
  2. colored construction paper
  3. glue
  4. a bag of sand
  5. a candle
  6. a large square cake pan
  7. a few pieces of colored tissue paper

The cake pan should be laid out on a table. If necessary put some newspaper around the table while this is more or less a clean activity, with kids the possibility of mess is ever present.
Select someone to put the tissue paper in the cake pan and fold it over the edges of the pan. This will make it look more decorative and add color to the project.

Pour the sand into the cake pan. Fill it to one half inch from the top of the pan.

Cut the construction paper into pieces one inch by five inches.

Have each child pick a piece of construction paper.

The kids should fold their paper in half, so it is divided into two 2 1/2 inch segments. On the right side of their paper have the kids write down the name of someone that has died in their family. They can write down their grandmother, uncle, favorite pet. If they can’t think of anyone loan them someone from your family and tell them why you want to remember them. Next to the name on the half of the paper they should write what they remember most about the person they named. (their smile, their kindness, their cookies, etc.)

The child should then fold the paper in half. The name should be on one side and their reason on the other side. The toothpick should be put in the fold of the paper and the paper should be glued to the toothpick. It will look like a flag.

The teacher should dim the lights in the classroom and light the candle. The candle should be put towards the back of the cake pan. If you can’t use a candle, use a picture of the class as the center piece.

The kids should then take turns going to the altar and putting their toothpick in the sand and sharing with the class who they are remembering and why.

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